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What are the best practices for SMS and Text Marketing?

What if you own a business but no one knows about the products or services you offer?

Establishing a business may be the primary step into the marketplace but every business needs strategic marketing. It is considered as one of the important aspects of a successful business.

The term marketing at times gets confused with advertising. While both are practiced to reach out to the target audience but on the whole marketing is a much broader concept.

Marketing is the process of systematic planning that helps create, implement, communicate, and deliver products or services to customers or clients. Advertising, on the other hand, is one of the components of the marketing process and includes the placement of ads at different communication mediums.

What is Text Marketing?

Different marketing strategies work independently but towards a common business goal. If you are planning a marketing strategy for your business, do not miss out on a potent communication tool, called SMS or Text message marketing. It is an untapped marketing channel but one of the best ways to escalate customer engagement.

Text message marketing is an act of sending promotional messages like coupons, special offers, sale announcements, and other related information to your customers via text messages. This direct way of reaching your customers is easier and quicker. It helps drive in more sales for business growth and improve brand awareness.

The Text message is a widespread source of communication and hence is most effective. The reason being, the maximum of us have our mobile phones within an arm’s reach at any given time and are given immediate attention than other digital marketing methods.

It is also beneficial for businesses that do not have many resources to put into marketing. They can simply automate the message marketing practice and extent the scope to reach out to maximum customers at the same time. Incorporating SMS marketing into your business strategy and integrating the channel with your software can help enhance customer engagement and build a strong relationship with them.

Best practices for a successful SMS and Text marketing

  • Acquire customer’s permission- This states that you must have the consent from your potential customers so that you can send them text messages. This Digital Marketing practice is called permission-based marketing. It is important to adhere to the regulations and legalities of CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Associations) recommendations so that you are not subjected to any penalties whatsoever. Otherwise, it can affect your brand name and disappoint customers as well. For the customer permission, you can request them to simply opt-in to receive messages for special offers on products and services, new product updates, and other information.

  • Mention CTA and URL- Your message should not go in vain. The customers should be interested in what you are trying to convey. Your call-to-action has the potential to determine maximum conversions. Use words that encourage clicks like “Join for free”, “Download now”, and “Free trial” on your call-to-action and entice them with discount coupons, promotional code for offers and deals. Another significant option is to include the URL, which will increase customer engagement rate and easier for them to immediately act upon.

  • Write clearly- The motive is not only to convey the message to the customers. They should be able to easily understand it as well. Avoid excessive use of SMS shorthand as it seems unprofessional and can frustrate the target audience. Also, try to keep minimum abbreviations and focus more on clarity as then the message will hold much credibility.

  • Provide unique shortcode- These are short numbers with 5 or 6 digit phone number that are used to send and receive messages. Generally shorter than a phone number, they are made for commercial use and mass mobile communications. Therefore, a business would also need one for marketing when using SMS and Text messages for the larger-scale audience. Along with a strong promotional plan, mention your shortcode on your various marketing channels as well.

  • Respond in real-time- A strong communication with your customers is a pillar of a good relationship. The customers appreciate and expect instant replies from you. This not only keeps them engaged but this reactivity works as a key asset for your brand’s identity. It can lead to productive conversation and an opportunity for you to get valuable feedback on your products and services. For customer’s convenience, businesses must take advantage of an auto-responder and also send personalized messages.

  • Text during business hours- One of the benefits of text marketing is to encourage immediate action from the customers and the success of such a campaign depends upon their engagement. It is unlikely that anyone will respond to the poorly timed message or when contacted outside business hours. The best practice is to schedule your messages limited during that time.

  • Keep a check on frequency- It is crucial to plan and be clear about how many messages your customers can expect to receive. Do not go overboard with constantly sending the messages as it can easily annoy customers and they may also unsubscribe to the service. Follow and stick to a particular frequency and set it right in your auto-response.

  • Easy measure- Text marketing is an easily measurable marketing channel. With the use of SMS software and tools to track the number of unique clicks can help businesses identify how the message campaign is performing. You can easily calculate the click-through rate and ascertain the Return on Investment. Moreover, you can refine your campaigns by determining what worked in your favor the best.

At a Glance

The efficacy of text message marketing is still relevant in the smartphone era as it is highly personalized and cost-effective. There is no wonder that people do use their mobile phones throughout the day. They prefer to get order status, confirmations, and other alerts via text. It is indeed a simple solution and a powerful mobile marketing channel because of how quickly text messages are open and read. Therefore, if employed in a systematic way text marketing can prove to be a benefit for your business. It helps build brand connections and better customer engagement than other digital marketing methods.