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Is your brand ready for Conversational Commerce?

Updated: May 9

There has been a linear growth in technology from desktops to smartphones and now the shift is towards the voice tech phase. It is reportedly picking up the pace and is considered to be the next big thing. The eCommerce businesses are on the verge of this digital revolution and as marketer’s one has to spot such trends and understand that customers are always in search of convenience. Having a Conversational commerce platform is the logical step that effectively manages brand and customer interaction. In short, it is about interactions, conversations and questions, and answers.

What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is an automated technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables direct communication between a brand and its customers through chat and voice interfaces. To put it another way, it is about interacting with the customers in real-time when you are not online.

It makes perfect sense that conversation as an interface is the most natural way for humans to interact with technology. Conversation commerce is potent because of the automated interactions along with the fundamental strategy to increase sales and customer reliability in eCommerce. It can add importance to every part of the customer journey, ranging from the order placement to answering a product related question instantly. Through the method, one can also automate conversations about questions, deals, discounts, offers, and product discovery, hence, helping the customer throughout their shopping experience.

It will benefit the customers and potential customers to ask any query related to the product at their convenience, which would be assisted with an instant real-time response.On the other hand, it will benefit the sellers to improve their customer service, build customer loyalty and feedback is directly collected.

How to achieve Conversational Commerce

  • The first and the most popular conversational methods for businesses are Chat bots, which are based on instant messaging systems. Here, customers can contact a digital bot that responds according to the Artificial Intelligence system.

  • The second method is Voice Assistants that respond to voice commands and queries. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are already part of our daily lives, be it booking a cab or ordering food and this rapid growth will soon take over the eCommerce world as well.

How to prepare your brand for Conversational commerce

The technological expansions have had a huge impact on businesses and there is no denying the fact that conversational commerce can change the dynamics. Henceforth, put in the efforts and integrate the essential changes by adopting the best strategies for maximizing success in the business so that you are not just left behind. Offer value-added information along with a clear response to make it easy for customers to find your business. Let’s discover how brands can prepare for conversational commerce.

  • Optimize for Voice Search- Brands need to be able to substantially use voice to interact with computers. Once the voice search feature takes off, it will change the way customer search queries work. Here, the most important aspect is that businesses need to be prepared to handle natural language processing and respond to the queries instantly. Start by asking questions as this will help in making the best product selection for the customer. For instance, a customer’s questions can be like- “Show me some good options for men’s formal suit” and the best responses are to ask for the fit choice, color, and fabric. Then, based on the customer’s response, you must be able to show appropriate product matches.

  • Conversational product description- Another characteristic that eCommerce owners need to adapt is a well-written product description. It is simply because conversational trade will have little to no visual interface. The product description needs to contain answers to all common questions a customer may ask regarding the product or the purchase. Then the voice specific metadata can directly reply with the perfect response to the customer.

  • Chat bots- Text conversation are the other kind of conversational commerce. Make your brand ready for messaging apps and chat bots. It will provide a medium to chat, ask for a suggestion and to compare different product choices.

  • Voice payments- Integrating voice payments can be the trickiest feature and have to be done with a high level of technical skill and security. Fortunately, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it can turn into a reality.

At a Glance

Imagine a technology where you will be able to communicate to your smart speaker what you want to buy and moreover, be as specific with the choice. Also, it gives customers a medium to talk and write to brands to get support for their purchases. It is like designing a customer journey with more human-like responses. Conversational commerce lets you be instantly responsive to the opportunity to provide a reformed and personalized shopping experience to the customer while growing your business.

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