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How to use a Contact Center Solution in eCommerce?

Updated: May 6


The eCommerce industry has developed the domain of the internet in the most unexpected way. It is growing at a rapid rate with the increasing number of online buyers that are using the platform for shopping.

With all the benefits the eCommerce companies offer, it faces a lot of challenges alongside. The most important of them is to improve customer experience all the more. Companies are always in search of a better way of communication to maintain consistency and provide value to customers. It is because an effective customer management system helps businesses grow exponentially. Apart from the best products at the lowest prices, customers tend to look for high-quality customer support.


eCommerce companies need to update and integrate all the multiple channels of communication to deliver exceptional customer support. Also, a technology that can keep track of the customer’s metrics and complaints and check on their needs and expectations is a requisite. Therefore, adopting a Contact Center Solution for eCommerce is the best practice to enhance the overall customer experience and the dynamic needs of businesses. It helps boost sales and customer reliability by creating a unique customer experience.

Benefits of a Contact Center to your eCommerce store

An effective Contact Center Solution allows eCommerce businesses to monitor customer behavior by providing an end-to-end seamless customer experience. Also, it ensures a customer service that solves customer’s queries at once.

  1. Hands-on Customer Support- Making your customers wait for too long is an indication that you might lose them. Therefore, it becomes very important that queuing times are as short as possible. With a Contact Center Solution, you can easily notify a customer at each step about their purchase and provide an instant solution to all customer questions. Sending notifications through messages and emails using in-app features allows eCommerce businesses to resolve customer’s queries. Also, quick customer support across multiple channels helps to achieve business goals.

  2. Intelligent Call Routing- The feature of intelligent call routing helps in directing the incoming customer call to the right agent at the right time. For example, if a customer has called at the contact center regarding the delay in the product delivery. In this situation, the call will be routed to the department who expertise in that particular section. The approach of intelligent call routing will benefit in satisfying your customers, enhancing customer loyalty and expanding business potentials.

  3. Integrating and retaining context- All the information related to a customer is crucial in the eCommerce industry. It helps save time during the phase of customer queries as all the data will be stored for future hassle-free communication. A detailed customer’s purchase history through every possible channel of communication will benefit to uphold the context. With a Contact Center Solution, you can gather the data in an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It allows having a view of all previous interactions between the customer and the eCommerce website.

  4. Engage in Social Media- Social Media has gained importance in building customer decisions and has become a platform for quick feedback. All the reviews on social media regarding the products and services of an eCommerce business are most likely to depend on its future success. Build a personal relationship with your customers and delight them with a quick response that will indeed drive loyalty towards your brand. Through Contact Center Solutions, you can easily track and reply to any query and complaints being raised by your customers on social media platforms. Engaging in social media holds the power to transform the overall shopper’s experience.

  5. Omni-Channel presence- Customers are always looking for a swift and hassle-free experience. An Omni-channel presence of an Ecommerce business will improve the purchase journey of customers, irrespective of the choice of the channel they choose for communication. Since all the channels can be integrated into Contact Center Solution, it will reduce customer efforts and minimize the query resolving time.

  6. Build personalized Customer Relationship- Initiate a chat to guide a customer in the right direction for their purchase. Chat support focuses on creating a personal interaction with the customer and offering them relevant information that they were in search of. You can send them relevant links for the product pages after analyzing their journey.

At a Glance

For the continuous growth of your eCommerce business, it is necessary to emphasize on better customer service and building long-lasting customer relationships. Therefore, integrating your business with Call Center Solution is a practical step ahead. It helps the industry fully develop its potential to create a brand value and create value for customers as well.