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How to optimize your website for voice search?

Updated: May 9

We are rapidly approaching the phase where the future of search is the voice and digital assistants. Voice search has gained precedence because people depend more on convenient search experience. It is essential to keep pace with technology as it constantly keeps reinventing to radically improve user experience.

With the increase in competition, organizations must invest in AI technology to gain an edge in the digital domain and optimize websites and content to keep up with the wind of change.

With the advent of voice recognition technology, users are realizing the benefits of voice commands for search. Voice search has gained more importance as it is convenient and the results of voice queries are also faster. But the foremost thing to remember is that asking a device for results is different from typing a query. Therefore, it is essential for creating content that is optimized for it.

Guidelines to optimize your website for voice search

  • Go for ‘Google My Business’ profile: Most voice searchers depend upon the technology for easy and quick answers. Either they want to know something and want to know how to do something or else they want to go somewhere and buy something. An updated Google My Business profile with name, phone number, address, timings, and other relevant information should reflect correctly on your website. This will increase the brand’s search ranking and traffic as the listing usually carries a link to your website that helps people find you. Imagine a user looking for the nearest coffee shop and your shop is not listed online. Thus, make sure the business is listed online and prepare it for the voice search revolution. Also, an embedded Google map is a plus point.

  • Page speed: Speed plays a central role in all types of searches, be it text or voice-based. The page loading speed is one of the most important ranking factors. The faster your website load is directly related to being first on the search results list. You can check and analyze your website speed on PageSpeed insights.

  • Precise content: People using voice searches are usually asking for quick and easy answers. Therefore, a valid answer comprised of more simple words is more likely to show in search results. Focus on providing concise but valuable information in clear words this will help the website grow gradually.

  • Frame queries into questions: It is understandable that most voice searches are in the form of questions. Fit in the right content according to the customer’s action is mandatory to top the search result list. For instance, instead of using “coffee” as a keyword, the voice search user would say, “where can I find coffee near me?” Think about the queries related to your business that people might ask and frame the content accordingly.

  • Create an FAQ page: If you want your website to be optimized for voice search, you should provide relevant answers to the most commonly asked questions. It helps build a customer base while reaching out to potential ones.

  • Use long-tail keywords: The main reason is voice searches are made through a relatively long string of text and smart assistants are designed to deliver answers like responses to the queries we ask. The integral part of the SEO strategy is to create content, which is optimized for long-tail keywords. Brands should focus on maximizing keyword length and not just targeting a keyword. Remember long-tail keywords are more specific and more targeted. For example, you need to focus on something like “breathable running shoes”, “freshly ground coffee” etc.

At a Glance

The concept of voice search started with smartphones and then accelerated to smart speakers and voice assistants. The important factor to keep into notice is customer behavior is constantly changing and businesses must be prepared for the advanced marketing trend to meet the customer’s expectations. Restructure your website and integrate Artificial Intelligence search options to have an advantage over others and improve user experience. From the above-listed approaches, see which works best for you to help rank better for voice search.

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