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Voice Search: The future of eCommerce

Updated: May 9

In this day and age, the only constant with technology is that it is always changing. The ever-evolving nature of the internet and the rise of voice interface technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant have already made voice search easier. It ensures smarter and quicker voice searches and works as a convenient and efficient search engine with the capability of virtual assistance.

Is your eCommerce store ready for voice search ?

By the term voice search, one can clearly comprehend the concept where the customer is using their voice on a search engine to which the voice-activated tool delivers an answer.

Considering, most people prefer voice search, the changeover will offer brands to connect closely with their customers while contributing towards a storefront with a voice-shopping experience. eCommerce has already changed the way market used to work and now going a step further to make our lives even simpler. It would not be wrong to say that the voice search for eCommerce is the next big thing in our modern-day world. A better voice search strategy will certainly increase traffic, sales, and overall business.

How to prepare for eCommerce voice search

As an eCommerce owner, there are a few alterations that one has to do to succeed in the business. Scroll down to read the key features to make your eCommerce store voice ready.

  • Work to achieve Position Zero (P0)- It refers to the first Google search result that appears at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It directly answers searcher’s questions without clicking the search result link and is the best-matched result, which additionally puts you above the first result. Featuring here immediately boosts your chances of being heard by the customers. Brands should focus on optimizing the content and answering frequently asked questions in the most precise and understandable language for Position zero.

  • The target for Natural Language- It is essential to understand the difference between a voice search and a typed search in order to compete in a voice-activated eCommerce world. Typing is tiresome and so users tend to shorten the questions, but voice searches are more inclined towards natural language. Customers often ask questions in a more conversational tone, for example, “show me some best options for black formal shoes”. Make sure to frame your product descriptions accordingly as the core of this shift is to treat search like a conversation.

  • Use of long-tail keyword- Keyword phrases that are very specific to what you are selling. It treats voice searches as a conversation with the potential to drive more traffic and help you rank higher as well. When customers are using highly specific search phrases, they tend to be looking for exactly something that they want to buy. If you have an eCommerce store for men formal suits. Throw in some keywords related to the product in your content and try maximizing the title with such words. The examples of the same can be- “What are the best formal suits for men”, “show me options for men formal wear”, “what are the best formal suit designs for men”, “show me a two-button plain grey suit for men” and so on.

  • Aim for well-written FAQ content- Voice searches are majorly in the form of questions that are more conversational in nature. Structure your eCommerce FAQ page using keywords around questions and answers with key phrases to make your products more available for voice search. FAQ assists in attracting more customer base through voice search and good quality content help in the optimization of the products.

  • Understand Schema Markup- It is a structured data or the code which more clearly provides information to the search engine, which in return helps with informative results to the users. The method benefits the content to rank better and boosts product visibility. The search gives customers a better understanding of the product with significant information like ratings, price, and discounts related to the product.

At a Glance

Today, half of the online searches are made through voice, the reason being it enables the searcher to just ask questions as they would naturally would, which makes it convenient. It is true that technology will continue to dominate and voice search for eCommerce is indeed a logical step ahead. The better the voice experience means an increase in voice searches and the overall business. Therefore, keeping up with the time is the only logical step ahead. Expand your customer base, reach to the potential customers, appear in the forefront and make your business ready for sprouting voice search technology.

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