• Yashika

How SMS Marketing can boost eCommerce Sales

The domain of eCommerce has been constantly evolving since its existence. It further brings in to view the new ways and strategies to engage customers to build better relationships and drive in more sales. New online stores are introduced every day as the maximum of the people prefer to shop online over a retail store.

But, why do people prefer to shop online over retail stores?

One of the most obvious reasons to shop online is convenience. Customers can buy products whenever and wherever they are at their ease. Another significant factor is that they can review and compare from the wider selection of products without any hassle, which eventually saves time as well.

But with the abundance of options online there is pressure on eCommerce marketers to stand out because where there is an opportunity there is competition. It has almost become mandatory to adopt appropriate marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions. Among the variety of digital marketing channels, eCommerce businesses are leveraging SMS Marketing as it has immense potential.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is known as text message marketing that offers eCommerce marketers an opportunity to build a unique customer relationship. The method is permission-based to widen the reach of promotional messages to easily update customers about special offers, deals, new products, coupon codes, and much more. Access to two-way messaging develops personalized and targeted messages for customers.

We all have our mobile phones almost all the time within an arm’s reach and it has become ubiquitous. Therefore, it opens up a new channel of communication with a better engagement rate. SMS Marketing is undoubtedly effective because you are utilizing the channel where your customers are easily available and also targeting customers on the move. As text messages are read timely it is turning into a great way to connect with your customers.

SMS Marketing can help boost eCommerce sales

  • High open rate- Text messages are read timely and have a high open-rate. Concise messages sent via a text message have made it easier to read its content at a go and to take the next action step. So if you are an eCommerce marketer and want to reach out to your customers more consistently then SMS Marketing is a vital channel of communication.

  • Mention Opt-in- Another significant strategy for SMS Marketing is to follow the opt-in feature to generate more new leads and customers. It allows customers to opt-in so that you can share promotional messages for sales, discounts, and offers. It helps attract interested customers to your business that can drive in sales and on-demand traffic. Amidst the huge competition, it also helps build a good relationship with your targeted customers.

  • Better customer engagement- A two-way messaging can make your eCommerce store more accessible to the customers and strengthen their engagement with your business. The customers should be interested in what you are trying to convey. For that, incorporate Call-to-action in the SMS Marketing strategies as it is a great approach to maximize conversions and involve more customers. Use words like “Free trial”, “Click here”, and “Join for free” for your CTA to encourage more clicks.

  • Sale alerts, voucher codes and coupons- SMS Marketing is a perfect option for the announcement of the sale, voucher codes, and coupons to be redeemed. Such campaigns grab customer’s attention and result in an immediate response from them. As text messages are read on-time there are more chances to expect web traffic on your eCommerce store.

  • Easily track your performance- The best part is that you can measure your SMS Marketing strategy by simply monitoring your campaigns to get insights on what worked and what didn’t. With SMS software and tools you can track the number of unique clicks and keep a check on the Return on investment. It allows eCommerce marketers to determine promotions that were successful and also to continually refine text messages for future benefits.

  • Instant customer feedback- It might not have a direct impact on your sales but it is essential to know what your customers expect and how you can improve your products and services. SMS survey lets you gather automated feedback immediately to collect valuable data. Furthermore, it gives customers space where they feel an important part of your business and that increases their loyalty towards your brand as well.

At a Glance

Even though SMS Marketing is not a much explored-channel but it is an effective way to escalate sales. It differs from other channels of communication because the messages sent are short, clear, and more immediate. It just requires your customers to opt-in to an automated system, which allows you to connect with them and deliver valuable experience. The whole purpose of such promotional messages is to achieve more sales revenue and if the eCommerce marketer continues to do so perfectly then soon the sales graph will rise.