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Increase your store revenues by creating Voice Apps for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Updated: May 9

Online commerce has evolved significantly over the last few decades and still extending its scope to reach out to customer requirements. Apart from business growth, brands are looking for customer reliance and increasing customer base. For this, retailers must focus on the channel of communication that customer favors, as this, in turn, will benefit the organization to work towards the right path to achieve business goals.

How voice assistant experiences help generate more business

The voice search strategy is a unique opportunity for organizations to develop more significant customer connections. “It is best described as the type of automated technology, supervised by Artificial Intelligence that enables customers and brands to communicate through chat or voice interfaces.” But it is more than just an interface as it can offer better services and experiences for customers that will help build brand loyalty. The innovation is all about convenience, considering people search more through voice search, the shift will soon become a reality for eCommerce businesses as well.

The voice assistant experiences are changing the way people search and interact. The immediate responses and more user-friendly experience are the cause of its increased popularity among the customers. But don’t think that conversational commerce is beneficial just for the customers; it holds equal importance for organizations and brands. It is already transforming the retail industry for the better and companies can capitalize on the benefits of conversational commerce. Let us discover its advantages to the organization.

  • Increases web traffic- It is true that voice search drives more traffic. So, one thing that seems clear is that businesses with voice assistant experience are profited with more web traffic and customer base. A voice assistant provides relevant information to the customer’s question. For this, businesses have to be prepared with voice-optimized SEO, so that to appear in the featured snippet.

  • Instant customer feedback- Considering, customer service is a vital component of every business. The voice assistant experience helps to receive instant customer feedback, which in turn can help companies in re-analyzing their services and product standards and quality. It will also reduce the time of feedback and create secure transmit for customer review.

  • Assists multiple customers- Conversational commerce and voice assistant experience helps businesses connect with customers and potential customers at once. In addition, it markets goods to multiple customers at the same time. Therefore, saving time, making monetary gains and yielding better business results.

  • Enhances customer engagement- Conversational commerce is the most natural way of communicating with the customer at their convenience. Voice assistant experience indeed offers personal assistance to the customer in the form of relevant suggestions and answers. Thus, connecting better with the users and maintaining customer engagement while increasing trade.

  • Increased sales- Most people prefer voice search over typed search. Also, Chatbots facilitate data collection, with each customer interaction and thus yielding better shopping suggestions. Not to forget that queries are often in the form of questions, thus focusing on providing voice assistant experience will result in improving brand visibility with a higher scope of overall sales.

At a Glance

We have seen that conversational commerce has plenty of incentives for retailers, not to forget that it is a potent way of communication to attract potential customers. It is an emerging approach that will soon be a prevalent medium of customer interaction. With the dawn of voice experience, brands need to adopt the feature to meet the growing customer expectations. Though it is relatively a new development in the business field, yet it has taken the industry by storm. Hence, make your organization stand out by incorporating voice-based facilities.

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