• Yashika

Chatbots for Real Estate: How to choose the right solutions for your business

In today’s extremely competitive business world where customers are always in search of more customized solutions, it gets mandatory to stand out from the rest. Just like the other business sectors, the real estate industry is no different and needs to make note of any rising trend and innovative technology. Because of the complexity of the industry and a lot of nitty-gritty that goes behind the whole process it becomes difficult to figure out what the agent is offering and what the customer is looking for.

But the evolution of Artificial Intelligence has made the functioning easier and one of the biggest trends and modifications came along with the occurrence of AI-powered Chatbots. With the boom of the application and the growth of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities have made these chatbots more human-like. As customers continuously looking for a solution that is more convenient and simpler to use, chatbot comes as an easy solution offering quality support.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an AI-based computer program that can have conversations like humans. These digital assistants understand, interpret, and process the user requests to give relevant answers. The software application is powered by rules and AI to conduct a real interaction with users via a chat interface.

Chatbots are designed on Machine Learning that allows copying human conversations and reacting to the written or spoken requests to deliver appropriate answers. This automated system of communication can be well optimized as an addition to a company’s website to boost conversion rates.

Why does a business need chatbots?

It is indispensable to solve customer problems to enhance customer loyalty and ensure brand establishment. Here, the key is to engage with a vast customer base beyond normal operational hours to address their queries. Another reason that makes a chatbot a great solution is that, it is affordable, customizable, helps customers find the right services or products, and helps scale your business growth.

A Chatbot is a great assistance to both a real estate agent and a customer as it is truly time, money, and resource savior. It helps realtors to get rid of routine tasks as it can simultaneously process multiple requests from users. Also, they are being deployed across various sectors such as healthcare, eCommerce, retail, and others as it has a substantial impact on ROI, customer engagement, and overall user experience.

Benefits of Chatbots to Improve Real Estate Sales

  • Real-time responses- Customers expect an immediate response to their queries without any delays and wait. A conversational chatbot can easily handle multiple customers simultaneously and do not need a live agent to connect. The automated program can answer the customer queries about the property they are interested in or any information needed. As customers get instant responses, it can increase customer satisfaction and can speed up business growth as well.

  • Availability- Chatbots have made it possible to remain available 24/7 to the customer. It can provide relevant information and answer queries or routine questions even outside the operational hours. Therefore, giving customers the freedom to ask questions at their convenience with an immediate support system.

  • Personalized offers- Every customer is different and so are their queries. Not every customer is in search of the same property type. So, real estate chatbots can help provide the exact information what the customer is looking for after a series of questions and answers. AI-powered chatbots can analyze individual preferences and facilitate a more insightful conversation for a personalized recommendation on interest, location, budget, and much more for better customer experience.

  • Automated scheduling- A potential buyer can easily schedule a property tour or a meeting with the real estate agent for any further information and detailed communication.

  • Better customer engagement- Earlier, to know any customer information required a lot of effort like a physical form or an online form to be filled by a customer. But these are not interactive and effective when it comes to customer’s attention. With a chatbot in real estate, you can gather customer information and preferences while engaging them in real-time. It can have better customer engagement because responses will be immediate.

  • Better time management- Chatbots can save ample of time and effort. First, it can handle multiple customer requests or queries simultaneously, and second, it can interact with each potential customer and collect related information to a database for easy access later. In this way, a realtor can concentrate on more imperative tasks and not the regularly answering of FAQs.

  • Automated follow-ups- Conversational chatbots can collect customer information easily and it can be utilized to send messages to the potential customers requesting an appointment or automated follow-ups on time to take the next step of direct discussion with the agent.

At a Glance

Due to digitization and online presence of businesses, the maximum of the customer base is converted from online leads. So, it gets important to get hold-off all the online traffic, and chatbots help to tap onto that space to convert leads into customers. With real-estate chatbots, you cannot only send follow-ups but also improve customer engagement and increase sales. As communication plays a vital role in the industry, build a chatbot to perfectly suit your business strategy so that you are not left behind.