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Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Center

Updated: May 9

The cloud contact center software is a network-based service for businesses from which all inbound and outbound customer communications are controlled. It makes interactions through multiple communication channels like calls, chat, email, social media, etc with widespread tools and applications. Businesses value cloud-based contact center solutions because the services are readily available and it also improves customer interaction while enhancing customer relationship journeys.

Benefits of a cloud-based contact center solutions

Considering, most of the contact centers that are operating today run on traditional technological methods. This makes it impossible to keep up with the way customers and businesses communicate. A cloud contact center is an innovative way to communicate using the latest technology and to continually meet and exceed customer expectations. With an Application Programming Interface (APIs), contact centers are evolving through new features that offer modern communication.

Benefits of a Cloud Based Contact Center
  • Deliver better customer experience: One of the main benefits of a cloud-based contact center is to deliver a better customer experience. It enables businesses to staff agents virtually anywhere in the world who work together effectively and efficiently to achieve high-quality customer experience. This network-based service provider offers facilities to businesses that handle customer cases with ease and saves their time. Furthermore, you can create an experience that anticipates customers’ needs and delivers high-quality service with a personalized experience.

  • Greater scalability and flexibility: The on-demand nature of a cloud contact center allows you to instantly scale the workforce to meet the flow of customer demand. When you create a contact center using Application Programming Interface (APIs), it simply lets you scale up or down according to your needs and requirements. Therefore, in the cases where contact centers experience a greater volume of cases, the additional workforce may be employed, which permits unlimited scalability. Also, you can grow flexibly with technology that scales your business and that too without any risk.

  • Create easy multi-channel communication: The advent of the digital era has changed the way we communicate. Every customer connects with businesses through their preferred channel of communication. It can be via telephone, text message or social media apps. Moreover, you can easily add new channels to your existing contact center of communication. Thus, creating a multi-channel communication will benefit each of your customers. For example, the web-based chat is an option for customers to connect to your business directly from your app or website. For better understanding and face-to-face communication, you can add a video feature to your channel of communication.

  • Frequent iteration: It is true that customers’ needs and requirements change and evolve. Thus, building a great customer experience takes time and for that, one needs to experiment with different components. With the cloud contact center, you can gather customer feedback, track analytics, iterate, and just focus on the things that did work for the business. This test and measure, and redesigning the contact center will eventually help improve the overall customer experience.

  • Faster deployment: The contact center can immediately deploy new technologies for customer communications. This means there are no roadblocks and hence, no delays in the services. It just needs to access the application and resources are available with just a few clicks, which reduces deployment time.

  • Reduced cost: With all the benefits stated above, the cloud contact center software is also quite cost-effective. Cloud solutions can be upgraded inexpensively that allows the contact center to integrate platforms with lower costs, and offer a free trial to the customer. You can create a multi-channel center with only a modest investment.

  • Increased reliability: It provides the highest level of availability, reliability, and disaster recovery. For overall reliability, centers have highly trained experts who manage the collective data of the customers worldwide; perform the latest upgrades and guarantee much higher uptime.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Another important aspect is the capability to gather information related to your customers. Therefore, when you connect with your customers, the collected data will eventually help improve your business. In this way, you can provide the agents with analytics reports to keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, measure the value of marketing spend and know who is calling and regarding what.

  • Better security: The Datacenter is cloud providers’ most essential resource that must be protected at all costs and therefore, it offers the benefit of enhanced security. Companies have access to greater security measures to protect customer details, contact information, and other relevant data. There is a flexibility of securing highly sensitive data in a private cloud while storing less sensitive data in a public cloud. Moreover, cloud solutions enable continuous operational functionality to connect to customers when connectivity is minimal during critical situations and conditions.

  • Intelligent routing: Getting connected to the right agent at the time of the query is a high priority for customers. Intelligent routing not only benefits your customers but on the other hand, it also increases agent productivity. It ensures that agents are working for the right task at the right time. In an inbound contact center with APIs, correct routing allows you to connect your customers to the right agent faster. You assess the issue and connect the customers to the agents with the required skill and knowledge to address the problem. When the contact center offers intelligent routing, customers meet their needs quickly and have a better experience journey.

Popular cloud-based contact center solutions

  • Twilio Flex- Flex’s contact center platform lets you effortlessly create and manage conversations across multiple channels using one interface. Apart from improving communication workflow, you can add new channels and integrate existing solutions. It easily fulfills business needs and increases productivity by serving customers faster with relevant information all in one place.

  • AWS Connect- Amazon Connect provides an Omni-channel cloud contact center that helps businesses offer superior customer services with seamless communication experience across voice and chat. It simplifies chat contact center operations and improves agent efficiency. Amazon Connect is an easy to set-up center that can scale to meet unpredictable demands and support customers anywhere in the world securely and reliably.

  • Genesys Pure Cloud- Genesys Cloud gives a flexible environment and you can instantly scale to meet high business demands. It is easy to deploy and use the interface that enables fast setup and effortless integration. Moreover, you can acquire the benefits of proactive contact center analytics and insights.

  • Five9.com- The interface focuses on customer relationship management integration with all leading providers. It routes calls to the right agent based on customer history, agent availability and routing can also be changed at a click.

  • Avaya Aura- Avaya contact center gives customers the feature to choose fast and efficient self-service on the channel they prefer with an agent available to help. It helps agents stay in sync with a consolidated view of relevant information and keep pace with customer expectations to reach great outcomes.

  • Nexmo- Nexmo helps growing startups and businesses enhance their customer experience and make the complexity of communication much simpler. It is a global platform with expert support and easy to use Application Programming Interface..

  • Zendesk- Zendesk help desk software handles customer questions and issues in a systematic approach from intake, managing and organizing to response and resolution and finally reporting. Also, it allows multi-channel support where you choose the right channel for your customers.

At a Glance

All the above-stated benefits help increase the demand for cloud contact center providers. Also, businesses are always in search of a communication platform that lets them connect better with their customers. It easily supports building new applications that solve communication requirements and offer a myriad of advantages to customers as well as businesses.