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6 ways to delight your customers.

Updated: Apr 1

With indefinite competitors in the digital age, businesses need to stand out to build a strong customer base. A satisfied customer is one of the main aspects of any organization and thus it is important to delight them through a personalized customer experience journey.

What is Customer Delight?

“In simple words, it is exceeding or meeting customer expectations that are planned, designed and then mindfully delivered.” Customer delight and customer satisfaction should be one of the motives for the businesses. However, the major challenge is to meet customer demands with the availability of several alternatives in the market. With the role of technological advancements, businesses can easily delight and retain the customer base and improve its efficiency.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them

We have mapped out a few strategies to delight customers where businesses can make their point of differentiation as well.

Provide real-time support: Real-time support is very crucial for any business. Ever thought what happens when the potential customer is interested in making the purchase and browsing your website? At this moment, they must be notified with real-time support to improve the buying experience. Technology provides opportunities to reach out to the customer, but their expectations align with reality when businesses adopt new technology to provide that support.

Voice chat and live chat allows customers to communicate with brands without letting them wait. Live chat offers instant response and addresses customer issues effectively, which on the whole helps improve customer experience. On the other hand, the lack of proper service support can leave a bad impression on potential customers.

Be timely: Being able to respond quickly is one of the main features of customer delight. Always prioritize your customers, whether the query is major or minor, be available and responsive whenever a customer reaches out to you. Adopt customer relationship management software to manage all the interactions with your customers, that can help set up reminders for follow-ups with customers.

Customer feedback is important: Customer feedback is central to any business and one of the main factors of its growth. Remember; always listen to your customers and also the potential ones. After all, a satisfied customer is one of the business strategies. Choose various channels to ask feedback and understand and acknowledge as it will enhance their overall experience with the company. You can analyze by categorizing into positive and negative feedback. The former will give the motivation and the latter will guide towards modifications needed of your business.

Strategize for personalizing communication: It focuses on understanding your customers’ behavior and modifying the communication around it. The whole buzz is to create customized business interactions according to the customer's preferences. Brands should not be too formal and professional in their tone as this will build a better customer relationship. Use more natural language, ask questions and understand their choices for further assistance. Purchase history can be used by brands to recommend products and services to their customers. Also, sending follow up messages after their purchase and service interaction is a great way to personalize customer relations.

Understand your Customers: It is important to comprehend that in most situations, customers are looking for ease of use and quality of the product. Try developing your management system so as to make customer's jobs less complicated. Their previous shopping experiences, data, and interactions with the brand will help better understand what customers want. Furthermore, it allows for easy tracking and offers information to enhance decision making.

Help customers achieve their goals: Companies must connect with the customers rather than only selling products and services to them. Make sure to create experiences that align best with their goals, emphasize customer expectations and map their journey to provide simple, specific and straightforward solutions to the queries. Then approach them with results via multichannel customer services like chat bots and social media.

At a Glance

Better experience and better quality are all your customers are looking for. It is true that great customer experience cannot be built in a day and there is no one for all approaches to it. Rather it requires deep planning that is unique to every business strategy and your knowledge of your clients is also vital to the whole process.

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